White, ivory, champagne, pastel, tulle, lace, organza, satin, strapless, with sleeves, a halter, sweetheart … Even though you are still clueless at the moment, the perfect Wedding Dress Rental is closer than you think. To help you with the shopping adventure for the perfect wedding dress rental, we have already listed the 10 best tips for you.

1) Prepare yourself well. Cut and tear pictures of dresses or parts of dresses that you like. If you are well prepared for the consultant, half the work has already been done.

2) Fitting wedding wedding dress rental takes a few hours. To be able to advise you well it is useful to first call us for an appointment.

3) The Weddings stylists have a lot of experience and see what you like nicely at a glance. Do not be afraid to be advised. Just put on a dress that you would not have chosen right away and be surprised.

4) Take the people whose opinion is really important to you. It makes no sense to go with ten friends. Ten people probably will never agree. You will discover that it gives much more peace and pleasure with a small group. You can always take your friends to a pass appointment, after you have chosen the wedding dress rental.

5) If you have long hair, take a clip with you to light your hair and wear a little makeup on your face. In this way it is much easier to get a picture of how you will look in the day.

6) Try to fit some accessories with the dress. This also helps you to get a good picture of the total picture of the day.

7) What the right dress is for you does not have to be the right dress for your mother and / or girlfriends. Stay close to yourself so that you go home with your dream dress and not that of your mother and / or girlfriends. Enjoy the fact that this whole day revolves around you!

8) If you want to lose weight order the wedding dress rental not too small. We can always take the dress for you, while explaining in most cases is not possible. Go for it for sure, we take care of the rest.

9) Always ask for a piece of cloth when purchasing a wedding dress rental. This way you can perfectly match his costume and shirt to your dress. A muscular white shirt and an ivory-colored dress are not beautiful together, so it is better to match this as well as possible.

10) Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Stress will always be present during the preparations for a wedding. Just try to enjoy all the beautiful moments as much as possible, because before you know it, it’s over!