It is a well known fact that if you are furnishing a home in prime areas like  apartments in Leblon , look to put fresh sola flower centerpiece in each room. This is because perfume, mixed with the beauty of the rooms, encourages people to remain in the environment.

However, even if flowers are essential to any home, would you know exactly where they should be placed and what types are ideal for each room in the home?

Follow the post and check out some tips to make any type of residence more beautiful, elegant and inviting with floral decorations.


Why flowers are a great choice for decorating a home?

Apartment owners in Itapema, a municipality in Santa Catarina, simply love to use feng shui in their homes, and no wonder, have you? The Chinese decoration technique is able to create harmonious, healthy and prosperous environments.

And, according to this ancient technique, fresh sola flower centerpiece bring good luck, especially when placed in high energy areas. In addition, the flowers bring a touch of natural warmth and a sense of friendship to the spaces.

For those who do not believe in feng shui, it has also been scientifically proven that the fresh sola flower centerpiece around the house can, rather, end the mood and keep you more cheerful.

Best of all is that you do not need to be an expert in floral arrangements. Even with the most basic skills, you can put some flowers in a pot and display them in some corner of your house.

However, finding the right place to put them requires a little more knowledge. Want to see?

In what types of environments of a residence is the use of sola flower centerpiece in decor appropriate?


Front door

The first thing people see when they arrive at your house is the front door. So put a beautiful wreath on it so your guests have a warm welcome.



To make the space look even more welcoming, use seasonal flowers, think of warm flower arrangements like orange, yellow and pink.



If you have an island in the kitchen, then why not show a beautiful bouquet of gladiolus or lilies? To make the environment cozier, add other flowers to brighten the shelves and counter tops.

Cacti and succulents, for example, are equally ideal for this environment because they are very resistant to hot and humid conditions, ideas for  apartments in Tijuca.


Living room

Tulips are a great choice for the living room because they are elegant and beautiful. Try to put them together in a glass vase to show off to your visitors. Everyone will love it!


Dining room

Dining tables can look bare without a centerpiece, which is why they become the ideal and most common place for people to display flower pots. It is only good to be careful to keep the size of the pots in proportion to your table.



Lavender is a good choice for this room, since its perfume is considered as a soothing and therefore ideal to help you sleep well.



Bathrooms should not be overlooked when it comes to fresh flowers. Scented specimens, such as freesia, lilies and lavender, are a great way to add a sweet-smelling, natural fragrance to this space in your home.


What can do harm to flowers?

Avoid direct sunlight. The sun can damage delicate and soft petals, and although the garden even benefits from a certain amount of sunlight, the same does not occur with flowers already taken from the earth and placed in an arrangement;

Do not let the flowers touch the window glass. Cold window glass can damage petals as much as direct sunlight;

Heaters, fireplaces and air conditioners are not suitable for plants, which should be kept away from them;

To last longer, plants always need to be kept at moderate temperatures;

If you have pets, it is good to take extra special care;