There are celebrations as important in life, as is the day of our wedding, where every detail is important. And is that in addition to paying attention to the dress and shoes, the choice of bridal bouquet is essential to achieve the perfect look. The point is that when it comes to choosing it, we can often feel completely lost. Is a large or small bouquet better? Do I place bouquet flowers or bouquet type? Will a more casual bouquet with a romantic touch or a classic and sophisticated bouquet be better?

The truth is that, like the rest of the accessories we will take that day, the bridal bouquet is not something that we can choose in isolation, but taking into account other details such as the color and style of the dress and accessories that let’s carry In recent years, for example, they have become very fashionable crowns of sola flower bouquet and if you decide to wear one, obviously must combine perfectly with the bouquet.

In any case, there are many ways to compose a bridal bouquet. Everything depends on our preferences and the colors and flowers that we like. But also of the temporality, the texture and the forms that we look for. If we do not have it very clear, we can always opt for something more classic and go over-insurance, but it will also attract less attention. In addition, ideally, your bridal bouquet reflects your personality and encloses some meaning that is special to you through the sola flower bouquet and colors chosen. For example, when Kate Middleton was married she included in her bouquet a composition of carnations, specifically a flower variant in English that is known as Sweet William (“Dulce Guillermo”), lilies as a symbol of happiness, hyacinths to represent love and myrtle in the tradition of the British Royal Family since 1845.

As you can see, the variants are practically endless. But if you are going to get married in a short time and you still do not know what kind of arrangement you will take, here are the trends in bridal bouquets, so you can be inspired.

  1. Bouquets in white

This is one of the most classic and traditional options, but the truth is that it never goes out of style. In addition, it always fits perfectly with the look of the bride, because the colors that predominate with white tones. With which, if you want to play it safe, bet on this classic. Although you can always give your personal touch, adding a touch of color or a unique detail that has a special meaning for you. For example, you can combine white flowers of different sizes and decorate them with some green leaf and twigs.

  1. Bouquet of flowers in one color but with different shades

If there is a color that you like a lot or that goes very well with the look you have chosen for the big day, you can include it in your bridal bouquets. In this way, you will break with the white color of the dress and you will give the set a more cheerful and original touch. Of course, choose different shades so that it is not a classic bouquet. We advise you to check the style and decoration of the celebration and the dress before choosing it. In this way, you will find it much easier to choose the color and flowers that you like the most, but varying in the tones, combining some more intense with others more subdued.

  1. Small flowers

A very original option for which many brides are now betting and which contrasts with the large and voluminous bouquets that we have been seeing over the last few years are the bouquets of small flowers. There is a great variety of small flowers among which you can choose as lavender, chamomile or lilies of the valley. In this way, it is possible to create a bouquet of the size you want, but with tiny tiny flowers in greater quantity. Which, in addition to very beautiful will be very original.

  1. Jewelry

Another trend that is being seen much in bridal bouquets in 2016 is to include small pieces of rhinestones to give greater elegance to the bouquet. Of course, it is important that if you want to add jewelry to your bouquet, do not overdo it. Otherwise it will be extravagant and vulgar. In addition, if possible, try to be similar to some of the ones you wear on your dress or in the accessories so that the whole is as harmonious as possible.

  1. One single flower

In the same way that there are brides who choose bouquets composed of small flowers, others go to the other extreme. Many choose to carry in their bouquet a single flower as a protagonist. A very simple and minimalist bouquet that is perfect for those brides who want to escape the ostentation and the classic. You can accompany this unique and solitary flower with leaves and twigs to give it a little packing, but remember that with it what you are looking for is simplicity, so it is not recommended that you overdo the ornaments. The important thing is that this flower you have chosen is the only protagonist.